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Becoming A CRNA Preceptor

As a CRNA, you will inevitably be asked to take on SRNAs if your facility has them. Not everyone is a good teacher, not every CRNA wants to teach, but it comes with the job. Remember that you were an SRNA once too (probably not that long ago), and treat your students with respect. Allow them to learn in a healthy and supportive environment. Don’t use them to boost your ego, or grill them just to show off how much you know. Obviously, you know more than them, they are here to learn from you. Be kind to your students, remember they are on their way to becoming your CRNA colleagues, and your paths may cross in the future. Be firm and provide constructive criticism when warranted, but remember how you wanted to be treated as a student and do the same once you become the preceptor. Make a difference in their learning journey. Make an SRNA better so that they can become better CRNAs down the line, and make our profession proud.

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