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Are you still unsure if being a CRNA is for you? Unsure what the heck CRNAs even do? Helplessly searching for answers? Well here is the real low down.

Being a CRNA is exciting.  It challenges your mind, skills and nerves every moment of the day.  You get to make critical decisions in collaboration with anesthesiologists and surgeons that immediately affect patient outcomes.  As a CRNA you belong to a very select group of nurses.  That being said, this isn’t for everyone.  School is tough, no other way to describe it.  You literally put your life on hold for three years and hope that in the end you still recognize it.  You, however, will certainly be changed.  If you are dedicated, ambitious, and love to be challenged, being a CRNA might just be right for you.

I have broken down a few key points to consider while applying for school, as well as helpful hints and resources to have a great application and nail the acceptance interview.

Why Do You Want to Become a CRNA?

Choosing a CRNA Program

Can I Afford CRNA School

Shadowing a CRNA

Nail Your CRNA School Interview

You're In, Now What?

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