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Welcome to the CRNA lounge.  This site was created for those of you thinking of going to CRNA school, currently in CRNA school or even practicing in this great profession of ours and seeking some helpful information.  


After 8 years in the ICU as a bedside nurse, I decided to go back to school and become a CRNA.  I loved being a bedside nurse, and the life it allowed me to have (excitement, traveling, volunteer work etc.), but I started to feel the itch.  I wanted a new challenge, a new mission in life.   I remember how nerve wracking it was to make the decision to go back to school, how anxious I got before my school interview, how stressful it was being an SRNA, and how emotionally taxing that first year as a CRNA turned out to be.  I looked for any help I could get online about what to expect, how to be better prepared for my interviews, what to do before my first day at clinicals, but found very little helpful advice.  Most of the sites had generic information or lots of different opinions, but failed to give me real world, real time help.  Beyond the basic information on individual programs websites and the AANA site, not much else was out there.  This is why THECRNALOUNGE was created.  Here you will find helpful information for the entirety of the CRNA process; from making your decision and applying to school, nailing the interview and succeeding as an SRNA, to choosing the best environment for your first CRNA position.  You can even find information to get you prepared for that first day on the job.  My mission is to better your chances of getting into school, help you become a better student, and get you prepared to be a successful CRNA.   I am excited to share my knowledge with you and provide you with the guidance I wish I had before, during, and after school. So again, thank you for entering the CRNA lounge, let’s begin!!!

Get In -- Excel -- Be Ready
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