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Why Do You Want To Become A CRNA?

This is a question you MUST know the answer to before you begin applying to schools. You will inevitably be asked this during your interview. Why do you want to go back to school? Why specifically do you want to be a CRNA? Do you know what a CRNA does? These are just some questions to consider and have ready answers for. I suggest staying away from the generic answers you hear everyone saying (I want the challenge, I want to be autonomous, I heard I can become a millionaire doing this, etc.) These answers, although very well might be true (well most of them anyways), will not set you apart from the rest of the interviewees, and certainly wont make them remember you. It's always better to add a touch of "flavor" to this answer. Choose a personal story, experience, goal that you have that set you on the path of becoming a CRNA. Maybe you had surgery and the interaction with the anesthesia team left an impression on you, maybe someone in your family is a CRNA or had a CRNA take care of them that impressed you, maybe you had an experience in the ICU that made you realize you wanted something more out of you career. Whatever the case may be, think of a good, personal story that will set your answer apart from everyone else.

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