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As the last semester arrives, and you can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel, keep a few things in mind. Most importantly, the road to CRNA is not over yet. You still have to pass boards, create a great résumé, search for a job and once again, nail an interview. I think above all else, remember just how hard you’ve worked to create a good reputation for yourself during school. Make sure you leave a good reputation behind you. Stay focused, respectful and dedicated until your very last day. Start using those people skills to make connections that can lead to job opportunities. Your professors and CRNA preceptors are a great place to start. Professors especially are good at connecting you with employers or former coworkers that may have valuable job leads.


Studying for boards is the last step to achieving your goal of becoming a CRNA. There are so many different ways to study for this exam, so many companies that want your money and claim to increase your chances of passing. I am not going to endorse any of them because that’s not what this site is for. Most importantly, what may work for one person might be a complete waste of time for another. So buckle down, shut out any distractions and get to the business of preparing for the exam. Some of your classmates are going to study for a week and pass the exam the day after graduation, some won’t sit for it until months after school. I studied for a whole month, six days a week, from morning till night and passed on the first try. The exam is not hard, but studying for it really is. Get your head in the game and use whatever tools are available to you to get it done. Your future awaits, so don’t take it lightly. You’re almost there!!!

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